Big and Small

rukus takes on productions of all scopes and sizes. Experience tells us that every project calls for a unique production treatment. With that in mind, we utilize an ever-expanding pool of directors and crew members to assemble project teams based on each distinct new vision.



 We tell compelling stories with moving pictures. Our editors are equipped with the most up-to-date tools necessary to deliver an effective product, and the creative wherewithal, to capture emotion and tone through a smooth, yet meticulous, editorial process.      



Motion graphics can enhance a brand campaign by adding a polished final touch, whether that is adding interest through a unique logo reveal or creating an original animated piece. Our animators work with some of the most talented designers in the industry.


Post Magic

VFX elements can be crucial to perfecting a shot. Whether it’s adding a little extra smoke, building huge explosions, or executing seamless product replacements, rukus creates visual effects in post production that cannot be captured during the production process.


Let's Paint!

Often times a desired look is difficult to accomplish with a camera alone. In almost every case, the color grading process can help achieve that look. Our focus is to bring you creative color grading without those traditional facility costs inflating your budget.


A Vital Ingredient

rukus handles all stages of audio post production. From music rights to custom music composition, voice over records, sound design, and overall mixing and sweetening. We believe beautiful sound design is a significant piece of the storytelling puzzle. Sound design.


Reality isn’t what it used to be

We create VR 360° content and immersive interactive experiences. We push our technology and tools to the brink — exploring and perfecting new ways to tell stories that bring you to places where you can only imagine going.





We chose rukus because of their unique perspective and how they bring stories to life.  You can see the passion for what they do in their work.

Jeffrey Whitford
Global Citizenship Manager / Sigma-Aldrich
My introduction to the rukus culture began with the need to better clarify what my own shop was doing. As production became priority and post-production a strain, integrating my workflow into a new post-production structure was the most logical moment in my career. What I was trying to do, they did better and more efficiently. It isn’t just clicking buttons and dropping filters; it’s a little bit of magic that takes my intentions as a shooter and moulds them into the expectations of my project in a collaborative and forward-thinking manner.
Jon Michael Ryan
Principal / Tangent Mind

rukus has been an important part of our success in this industry over the years. They have been true partners in taking our projects to the next level, which means everything in our business.
Ricky Soler
Owner & CEO / Oneighty° Agency
rukus is a band of fiercely dedicated overachievers, driven by a collaborative spirit, and drawing from a deep well of industry experience and creativity, all presented with professionalism and class.
Mike Conway
Creative Director / Jump Company

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