It’s shiny, new, and we swapped the big red bow for an updated logo. Some would call it a re-brand—we’d say it’s something like a ‘brand evolution’. Either way, there’s less distraction and more work, and that’s the point. In case you’re running short on time, here are a few highlights:

2015 Show Reel

It’s the first and biggest click-able item on the home page. You’ll also find new color and motion graphics reels for your perusal.

Project Tags Help Narrow Down Relevant Work

When you want to evaluate our capabilities in one service category, e.g., motion graphics….project categories/tags do this for you. If a project won awards, you’ll find this tag on the individual project page.  Click to see all of our award-winning work. Still stumped? Use the menu bar for a site-wide search.

Client Testimonials

No, these are not our imaginary friends. They are real customers, and we value their input above all else. Find just that at the bottom of the home page.

Better Blog Archives

No more searching through arbitrary months and years to find historic content. Our posts are easy to navigate and they are stamped with relevant project tags.

Tweet to rukus from Page Footer

If you’re here and you like the new site, scroll to the bottom of any page and tell us what you like!

by Mairin O’Leary, Project Manager