el Jimador wanted to produce a series of online spots to promote a summer sweepstakes worth $100,000 in prizes that rewards the consumer for celebrating the small wins in life. The scripts and storyboards, provided by Boxing Clever, called for three days of shooting multiple actors humorously overcoming some of life's everyday challenges. Since it didn't quite look like summer in St. Louis at the time, we took the production to Dallas where summer was already in full swing. The real fun began when we brought the footage into our editing suites. Sifting through all of the hilarious takes and editing together multiple versions was serious work, but provided many laughs. After finishing the post-production and landing on our favorite version for each spot, they were delivered and quickly racked up millions of views on YouTube.


Agency: Boxing Clever

Executive Producer: Michael Hurst

Producer: Blaine Deutsch

Director: Kurt Simpson

Director of Photography: Jon Michael Ryan

Editor: Edgar Febus

Sound Design: Gabe Doiron