We absolutely love it when we are brought in on a project before the inception of an idea. Thanks to the President of Road Rage Fuel Booster, Charlie Smith, we were able to run wild with the company's first TV spots. After our initial meeting with Charlie, it was clear that the task was to produce a spot that would be over-the-top, humorous and straight to the point. This project was calling for a director that understood irreverence and shared our enthusiasm for creating from scratch. We immediately contacted Kurt Simpson. Kurt was the writer and director. Jon Michael Ryan was the director of photography and Bill Parmienter produced and was the feature actor. Collectively we discussed various ideas and approaches. Once we landed on a few, Kurt flushed them out and we pitched them to Charlie. He said, “F%#k yeah!” and we started working. The production consisted of shooting for one day in-studio as Bill delivered lines in front a black backdrop. A major portion of the work was in the post-production process where a combination of editing, 3D animation, VFXs and aggressive sound design really brought this spot to life. We gave Bill a bodybuilder's bicep, added 3D diesel engines, flames, smoke, and a heat wave for the final touch.


Executive Producer: Michael Hurst

Writer-Director: Kurt Simpson

Director of Photography: Jon Michael Ryan

Producer/Actor: Bill Parmienter

Editor: Nick Stroot

VFXs and 3D Animation: Edgar Febus

Sound Design: Gabe Doiron