rukus had the pleasure of collaborating with the United Way of Greater St. Louis to produce their annual campaign video for the past four consecutive years.

From concepting, to execution, and completion, this project was (and always is) a true creative collaboration between all parties involved. We had the opportunity to hear the families’ stories firsthand and meet those folks who have received assistance from the United Way. At rukus, it’s been our job to make sure their stories are heard. It’s a rewarding endeavor, and we pour ourselves into it.
Michael Hurst
Partner/Executive Producer


Director: Mark Wickersham, United Way of Greater St. Louis

Production: rukus

Producer: Michael Hurst

Director of Photography, 2016: Tom Newcomb

Director of Photography, 2014: Jon Michael Ryan

Director of Photography, 2013: Brant Hadfield

Director of Photography, 2011/2012: Tom Newcomb

Editors: Edgar Febus, Nick Stroot

Audio Mix: Gabe Doiron